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We are the first in Hong Kong to combine rock plates and sports to relieve the pressure on Hong Kong people's lives, enhance their resistance, reduce typical urban diseases, and do more with less. The enthusiasm for more people to exercise! Bring rock movements into a part of your life through the classroom.
Dry Hot Springs
Dry Hot Springs
Iwabathing comes from Yuchuan Hot Spring, Japan. It is a dry hot spring. It is a way of restoring the body on rocks. Iwabathing can stimulate parasympathetic nerve. The activity of parasympathetic nerve has a direct and positive impact on vision, heart, skin and visceral vasodilation, trachea.
Lazy people lose weight
Lazy people lose weight
A 40-minute dry hot spring is equivalent to 10 kilometers of running. On the rocks that emit far-infrared rays and negative ions, sweat containing toxins and heavy metals is discharged through the sebaceous glands to improve metabolism and burn fat. It is indeed a good choice for lazy people to lose weight.
Deep relaxation
Deep relaxation
"One inch long, ten years long" rock pan room temperature will relax tendons and bones, with professional guidance, the angle of tension is greatly improved, smooth channels, eliminate pressure, to deep relaxation.

Equipment and Product Characteristics

All the equipment is imported from foreign countries. We are also authorized by Manduka to distribute in Hong Kong.
Manduka Yoga mat is a brand recommended by German global tutors and beloved by Hollywood stars.
High resilience/wear resistance/comfort/skid resistance/portability are designed with closed-hole structure.
It prevents sweat from being absorbed into the mat, prevents bacteria from accumulating and makes cleaning easy. A simple wipe after class can be as new as a new one.


Five Benefits

Great effect, little effort

The rock tablets with a temperature of 35-38 degrees C make the pore easy to expand and increase the amount of sweat excretion. Even if the action is easy and simple, they are already very sweaty.

Avoid strain

Moderate exercise can not only accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, but also produce micro-temperature effect and resonance effect in vivo. Even if there were sports trauma, rock trays can help relieve pain and prevent tendon sprain.

Warm Five Zang-organs and Six Viscera

The body temperature of visceral asthenia and cold is about 35 degrees. By training cardiopulmonary function and core muscles in the rock disc room, the viscera can be warmed. The metabolic rate will increase by 10% for every increase of 1 degree C. Warm viscera can prevent many chronic diseases such as pneumonia, myocardial infarction and so on.

High Quality Beauty Sweat

Rock plate bath will make sweat discharged from sebaceous glands. Oil-preserving sweat has moisturizing effect and becomes natural makeup water. Besides sweating, it also has cosmetic effect.

Maintenance of uterus

Rock plate bath is a new health care method. It has significant effect on the maintenance of uterus and menstrual pain. It can improve the expected effects of women's unique discomfort, menstrual dysfunction and menopausal discomfort.
  • Great effect, little effort
  • Avoid strain
  • Warm Five Zang-organs and Six Viscera
  • High Quality Beauty Sweat
  • Maintenance of uterus
  • Our Mission

    Hong Kong people fast life pressure. Many people have urban disease, such as the shoulder bo is the common fault of the urbanite. Along with the people of Hong Kong shortness of life rhythm, eating habits are good fast but less exercise, many people have obesity problem. So we have brace with dance hall, fitness, relieve pains slimming help Hong Kong people.
  • purpose

    My class can relieve the people of Hong Kong life stress, reduce the people of Hong Kong city disease, encourage more people to do sports! Hope that through the classroom can make all people live more happy healthy and balanced.

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Aberdeen, Causeway Bay, Central, Tsuen Wan, Shatin, Jordan, Kwun Tong


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